I don’t see myself as a coach, or a nutritionist, certainly not a guru.

I don’t promise perfection and I have no interest in setting unrealistic goals.

I offer you the opportunity to journey deeper into yourself, letting go of judgement and learning ways to acceptance and express who you are.

Wellness Mentoring offers practical tools of self-care

• build your self-esteem & confidence
• regenerate your body – feel & look younger
• find what you deeply care about in life
• regulate your weight
• free your energy, creativity & positivity
• strengthen your immune system
• bring about deep relaxation & a sense of wellbeing
• enhance your strength, vitality & mental clarity
• find the authentic gifts to have to share with world

What’s the next right step for YOU?

Through mentoring I can help empower you to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Together we will explore how to develop a healthy relationship with food – how to plan, shop, and to shift to cleaner eating habits and lifestyle supported by nourishing, delicious whole foods.

We will look at the rhythms and patterns of your life and take time to understand what might be holding back and what might help you to shift into a space of contentment.

Whatever we work on, we will start with acceptance and compassion, and these principles will guide how we work together.

Wellbeing mentoring can either be via telephone or zoom.
Let’s start with a free introductory 30 minute call to ensure that you feel my style of mentoring is right for you. From then we’ll plan a number of sessions together.

I look forward to the opportunity to journey with you!

“Rina has taught me endless ways of improving my hotel and my own lifestyle and wellbeing. Nothing that leaves you hungry or feels like an effort to do. I have made so many tiny little healthy changes to my day because of this knowledgeable and wise lady. I am happier and healthier as a result of many privileged days with Rina.”

Chloe Gibbs, Eco Hotel Owner, Brazil

“Overall, Rina has enabled me to get back in contact with my true self after 10 years of hibernation. My work started with Rina when I felt I’d really reached a full stop, I was lost and felt there was no-one I could talk to. Now I am energised, revitalised, I’ve remembered who I am and have the confidence to work towards my truth. I don’t have the answers but I am happy that I am on the right path.”

Jodie Nabb, Oxford

“I’ve had a series of wellness sessions to support me in a process of ‘breakthrough’ and not ‘breakdown’. We’ve talked, done different restorative yoga positions, talked through different rituals that I can incorporate into my daily routine and diet. I am convinced this was one of the most important things I have done to help myself get through a period of depression after a difficult separation. Further after years of working too hard, it has been great to stop and look at myself, my health and my feelings.”

Max, Financial Advisor, London

“I met Rina whilst attending one of her retreats in October 2020. Lockdown had taken its toll, like for many, and I had suffered a trauma in my past, which resurfaced at this time. I also realised that I had a life purpose, which I wasn’t yet fulfilling as I didn’t know how.
Rina’s voice is very calming, and I never felt like I was being rushed through our meetings. Her ability and technique of gently driving you to let go of the mind and feeling the emotion in your body was brilliant. Over the 12 weeks I felt safe and nurtured and was able to express myself completely knowing that I was not being judged. Rina taught me how to focus on the things that mattered to me the most, as well as using my strengths to challenge my weaknesses, which would help me on my path. I was encouraged to journal every day – one of the best things anyone can ever do. It’s like releasing everything off your chest and somehow you can see and think more clearly.
Therapy worked for me as an individual, but it only helped my mind, it didn’t deal with the emotions held deep within my body. This is where Rina helped me, and I will always be grateful for that. If anyone has the pleasure of working under Rina’s guidance, you will not regret it. It’s a journey well worth taking.
You will see things in yourself that you never thought were there, through the care of Rina’s nurturing voice, her techniques and most of all open-hearted love you will go back to who you always were, if not better!
Thank you

Kiran, London