Here you’ll discover a range of wellbeing products and community events designed to support collective healing and the love economy.

It’s clear that individualism is making us all isolated and ill: we currently face many pandemics including loneliness, disease and addictions. And while our healthcare system treats the symptoms, it often fails to address deeper lifestyle imbalances. We’re doing things differently. We believe it’s not about the survival of the fittest, but survival of the nurtured. That’s why we create safe spaces and a loving support network to care for your wellbeing all year round: places where we can gather to celebrate life, health and community and in turn bring about social change.


5-Day Summer Rejuvenation Retreat June 25th-29th 2021

During this 5-day Community Rejuvenation Retreat, we’ll come together to support ourselves with lots of nourishing soups, juices, superfoods and adaptogen herbs

We’re committed to offering free events like our seasonal 5-day community cleanse alongside our 5-day rejuvenation retreats. By choosing to work with our organic herbal formulas during these retreats, you’ll not only support your own health and healing, but enable us to keep offering free community events and supporting the farmers and natural environments where our magical herbs are grown. Everyone benefits! Check out our formulas below and sign up to one of our community retreats to start healing yourself, other people and the planet today.

 Free Cleanses

FREE 5-Day Online Community Summer Cleans June 11th-15th 2021

Our free Community Cleanses offer seasonal tools and techniques that help you gently nourish yourself, boost your immune system and balance your body weight.

Free Self-Cleanse at Home

Designed to be done at any time from the comfort and privacy of your own home, this 5-day self-cleansing process will purify your body, mind and spirit.

Organic Cleanse & Rejuvenation Formula Packages

Organically Certified

Ethically Packaged

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Aftercare Wellness Coaching

If you feel inspired to have the support you need to achieve long-lasting results physically and mentally and integrate realistic routines that will align you with the cycles of nature to bring you closer to balance so you can become the person you most want to be (and avoid the tendency to swing from detox to retox).

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