Welcome. Here you’ll discover a range of wellbeing products to support your cleanse and rejuvenation practices, health and wellbeing.  Made with high-quality organic ingredients grown with respect for nature by small independent farmers, each item is infused with love and care.

Our tried-and-tested formulas are made using the best quality organic herbs. They are free from bacteria and heavy metals and have been grown by independent businesses with love and respect for nature. Working with these nourishing herbs is a natural and beautiful way to support your own health and wellbeing; they also help harmonise our group energy and connect us to a similar frequency during community retreats so we can deepen our process together. We adjust our formulas slightly each season to ensure they give you optimal healing benefits.

Please note: Your body will take more time to make the adjustments initiated by herbs than it does with clinical medication. Herbs bring out an organic balance within the body without any major side effects. Modern medicine’ works quicker but makes your body weaker, while natural medicine works slower but makes your body stronger.

As a general rule, it will take about one month to remedy for each month you have been unwell. We recommend you continue taking each formula for a 3-month protocol or longer as this will enable the herbs to take full effect in your body and help you maintain balance.

Organically Certified

Ethically Packaged

Made With Love


Superfood Mix + Adaptogen Mix + Chaga Mushroom Tea
£99 Now £89 – save 20%

Superfood Mix + Adaptogen Mix + Chaga Mushroom Tea
£299 Now £199 – save £100


If you feel inspired to have support, I can help you achieve long-lasting results, both physically and mentally, by integrating realistic routines that will align you with the cycles of nature and bring you closer to balance so you can become the person you most want to be (and avoid the tendency to swing from detox to retox).
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