I teach holistic, yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle medicine to transform your health and bring harmony into your life. I have been offering retreats and mentoring programmes for 18 years.

After a very demanding career as a TV news producer in Tel-Aviv and a hectic social life, I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid and type 1 Diabetes. I could never have imagined then that my health crisis would turn out to be a blessing.

I wanted to understand my illness, so I embarked on a pilgrimage of healing. I went to India to deepen my understanding of Ayurvedic medicine, conscious living, and the age-old laws of the mystic. I learnt that serotonin (the ‘happiness’ hormone that the body uses to regulate the brain) is not actually produced in the brain but in the gut. Suddenly the crucial connection between diet and mood became crystal clear to me.

I expanded on that knowledge by continuing to explore different approaches to well-being in Africa, South America, and Europe. Over time I learned that the core elements of well-being are:

  • body-mind connection
  • lifestyle as a medicine
  • the importance of living in accordance with the cycles and changes of nature

I studied intensively with US-based nutritionist Dr Gabriel Cousens and became convinced of the importance of two things: the healing power of food, and how vital it is for our mental heath.

Animals know when to eat and what to eat. They live in rhythm with the sun, the moon, and the seasons. They know they belong to a greater whole. As humans, we have lost this connection.

When we eat with the seasons and observe our natural circadian rhythms, we start to feel more balanced and connected. This is because when we align our lifestyle to a more natural way of living, our nervous system calms down, our hormonal system regulates and as a result, our immune system becomes more robust. We remember that we are connected, our lives begin to flow; we recognise our dharma and our purpose.

Dharma is the loving arms of Mother Nature.
Dharma is all that nourishes, nurtures, and protects.
Dharma is the principle of interconnectedness, nature itself.