I offer private, semi-private (up to 6 people) and corporate sessions.

Yoga which combines the masculine and the feminine:
I have explored many schools of Yoga over the last fifteen years and they all inform my practice, my teaching and my life.
Although I tailor my teaching to each individual, I like to combine with a powerful flow, yang, strengthening, masculine practice with a nurturing, yin, restorative, feminine practice.  This is often called Ha-Tha Flow Yoga, literally The Yoga of the Sun and the Moon. I also use kriyas to activate the kundalini energy, balance the nervous system and connect us to creative force.

Yoga as a Way of Life:
I do not believe that you need to “Om” all day and wear an orange dress, but I do believe that you need to know that we are all one together, rather than separate entities. I believe that our feelings, thoughts and actions exist in relation to those of our brothers and sisters on this planet, and that we should operate from a sense of compassion and love for them. I believe in the butterfly effect; the more we share, the faster we will heal the world.

I adapt my teaching to the varying seasons, and the fluctuating world zeitgeist, as well as to the unique physical, mental and spiritual constitution of each student. My approach is therefore intuitive and flexible – I do not believe that one size fits all.

I have a philosophical, spiritual, nurturing approach and aim to empower my students to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Physical benefits of Yoga are manifold and include:
• Increased strength
• Increased muscle tone
• Improved joint stability
• Improved balance
• Improved alignment
Advantages of One-on-One Sessions:
• A one-on-one session is completely personalized to you and your unique needs. With regular sessions we create a personalised programme.
• A one-on-one session can help you get unstuck – either with certain postures that you find difficult, or with mental blocks.
• During one-on-one sessions I often incorporate things other than Yoga – I have a holistic approach and am happy to help you with diet, meditation, breathing, spiritual guidance etc.
F.A.Q. How can I prepare for my first class?:
• Avoid meals two hours before the class.
• It really doesn’t matter what you wear to yoga as long as it isn’t too loose, and as long as it can stretch with you as you stretch. Bring warm clothes for relaxation at the end.
• Let me know if you have any injuries, if you are pregnant, if you are menstruating, if you are on any medication, or if you are feeling particularly emotional on that day.
• Bring a bottle of water, a blanket or shawl, a mat, and a belt. If you don’t have these don’t worry – just bring an open mind!
• Remember that the beauty of Yoga is that it is not a competitive sport, and that you can always take a break.
“I’ve been to many different yoga classes but what makes her classes so unique to me is how much she also focuses on the mind and spirit aspects, as well as the physical during the classes. I have had major shifts letting go of anger and accepting more what is and not being anxious about what isn’t. Her classes have been an important part for me in dealing with my ‘depression’ and avoiding going on antidepressants.”
Louise, Dentist, Bradford on Avon

“Rina’s narrative, pure love of the practice, knowledge and humour are unique”
Lyndsay Whyte, Barrister

“Rina’s lighthearted and playful approach is balanced with a serious dedication to teaching that can help students of all levels deepen their practice.Her multidisciplinary approach and skillful instruction creates a strong connection between our experiences on the mat within the larger context of our lives. Rina is able to transmit the timeless wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions as well as get us up to date on the latest scientific research helping people achieve a modern and comprehensive understanding of our personal health and collective well being.” 
Ben Kappel, Louisiana