The Retreat


My all-inclusive retreats are carefully structured to support your well-being. I have created a space where the group supports the healing process, and together we nurture a safe environment where everyone can heal and grow.
We gather every spring and autumn to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. Over four days, you will be guided on a gentle detox to nourish and rebalance your system, allowing you to return to yourself and feel lighter in mind and body.
You will be supported by me and my carefully chosen team of highly experienced practitioners: a psychotherapist, dance teachers, sound healers, massage therapists, artists and nature lovers.
The program will include daily yoga, meditation, delicious clean homemade food, sound healing, dancing, nature walks, and cooking together, all designed to support your process of transformation. However, all activities are optional – so you can choose to take part or rest as your body needs require.

Retreat As Initiation

Each retreat is an initiation.
Together, we prepare the body, creating a safe container where you can surrender and let die what is not serving you.
In the process of undertaking the cleanse, we release karmic patterns: we let go of the past and the parts of us that have unconsciously adopted unhealthy habits and ways of seeing ourselves; we are reborn into the version of ourselves that is aligned with all that you value; we align with your dharma.
We emerge feeling rejuvenated and with the ability to envision a new future for ourselves. Every retreat offers us the ability to heal and celebrate as a community, a sangha.
Every retreat offers us the ability to heal and celebrate as a community, a sangha.  

Remember your dharma (when your life reflects your values, you live in peace)

The Venue

Waterperry House is a very special retreat venue, run by a meditation practitioner who for 50 years has been praying for the well-being of all on our planet.

The stunning manor house in rural Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, is surrounded by eight acres of beautifully landscaped ornamental gardens, a river and wildlife. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to explore the grounds, meditate in the silent garden and enjoy the fresh air.

The retreat workshops will take place in large, comfortable, and airy rooms in the house.

The bedrooms are simple and cosy, most with shared bathrooms.

The kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate our group if you want to be involved in the cooking.

Optional Ongoing Support

My passion is to support people on their life journey, not just for one weekend. When you come to my next retreat you will be invited to join a group of people who support each other and grow together. 

Are you looking for a like-minded community seeking to bring more peace, vitality and balance into their lives?

If you are seeking a community that supports you and holds you accountable on your self-care journeY. This is what the Sangha offers.

Ways to join the community: 







West Lexam, Norfolk

Secure Place with a deposit of £333


March 29th-April 1st 2024
Waterperry House, Oxfordshire

Secure Place with a deposit of £333

Spring Wellness Retreat

March 15th-17th 2023
Eco manor House, West Lexham,


Next: October 5th-9th 2023
£120 or £95 For seasonal sangha members 🌱


Each full moon, 7-8pm GMT
Donation base

Summer Retreat


Booking Information


Shared room (4 people per room): £695 / Twin room: £895 / Single occupancy: £995 

The price includes organic food, shakes, accommodation, and all workshops.

All rooms have shared bathrooms in September retreat, from 2024 we will offer en-suite rooms.

Bring friends and get a free massage each (worth £65).

A deposit of £333 secures your place. Balance to be paid in full 5 weeks before arrival.

Feel free to contact me for more details at or call Sasha on +44 (0) 7973558571

I’ve made a pledge to pay back to our planet so I am fundraising in aid of  TreeSisters.
Now, when you book on one of my retreats, 30 trees will be donated in your honour.
We’re moving from being consumers to pollinators.

“We were talking today about what an impact your retreat has had on us – particularly Abi. She has gained so much confidence and zest for life in the last 6 months, helped by fantastic GCSE results and really enjoying studying for her A Levels at our local 6th form college. We have also both stopped eating meat and are pescetarian (on our way to being vegetarian*;) winking). We are both feeling the health benefits and have much improved complexion, hair and nails. We have also been enjoying doing yoga”

Lara Joyce & Daughter

“Rina’s weekend detox retreat was an absolute breath of fresh air. The balance of invigorating morning yoga and a deeply restorative afternoon yin session fully satisfied my yoga cravings, whilst the exceptional juices, salads, soups and snacks all freshly prepared nourished me far more than expected. There was space within the weekend to snooze, read, walk and massage yet the best bit of all was that I left having learnt a lot about nutrition. Thanks to Rina bee pollen and chaga tea are now weekly staples and my body has never been happier!”

Alex Chayney

“Rina created a nourishing, calming space . I loved the balance of yoga, walking,  free time for thinking and reflecting, and cooking yummy food together. I considered myself someone who already knew a lot about healthy eating but I learnt a lot, and got fired up to learn more especially about superfoods after the retreat.”

Teresa Fabian, Financial Advisor, London

“Rina’s Spring Detox and yoga retreat was exactly what I needed; like minded individuals, discovering beautiful fresh healthy food (if you are feeling bored with your normal diet and uninspired walking around the supermarket, discovering these yummy foods is perfect), yoga with Rina (boy do I miss her yoga sessions, her narrative, pure love of the practice, knowledge and humour are unique) and peaceful walks in beautiful countryside. It was a real privilege to have a whole weekend dedicated to really looking after myself surrounded by amazing people. What an experience, thank you Rina and to everyone else that was there, a truly special group.”

Lindsay Whyte, Barrister, Bristol

“Rina created a wonderful nourishing space, and her yoga and meditation classes took me beyond my previous experience to a calm, warm and beautiful place in my mind whilst enabling me to make new shapes with my body. The food we cooked was delicious – I really did not know healthy food could be so incredible – and I learned a lot about feeding my body with the nutrients it craves to work best. The surroundings were divine and the group sessions supportive and illuminating. I left feeling refreshed and uplifted with my mind and body truly detoxed, relaxed and energised. I can really only describe the experience as magnificent. I am so grateful I went, it is probably the most positive thing I have done for myself in a very long time.”

Lara Whyte, Journalist, London

“Rina weaves a wonderful web of well-being, drawing on so many inspiring traditions around the world- be it Ayurvedic, Native American shamanism, or wisdom from African healing traditions. This makes her approach to teaching yoga and healthy eating truly unique, original and most of all enjoyable”

Joanna Webber, Bruton