YOGA in Bristol

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Yoga classes in Clifton Library, Bristol  

Wednesdays 7:00-8:15pm , all levels

Beginners course Wednesdays 8:15-9:30pm tbc

Block of 10 classes £90 (valid for 12 weeks) / concession £70 / drop-in £11. Gift Vouchers available

Introductory offer block of 10 classes £80 (valid for 12 weeks)

This winter our practice will emphasize strength and nourishment.

A strong practice releases the power of agni (internal/ universal fire) which allows us to deepen our experience of who we are, vulnerable and beautiful.
Please bring a blanket for relaxation and your lovely smile…
The sessions are designed to stimulate the mind, body and soul through Asanas (Postures), Kriyas (Awakening Kundalini), Pranayama (Breathing exercises), Yoga Nidra (Relaxation Techniques), Meditation and Yogic philosophy.
My intention is to be sensitive to your unique requirements, tailoring each class to the age and ability of everybody present.
All are welcome.
It is not the postures that you can do, but, the courage that you bring to your Yoga that enables a change.

“Rina’s yoga and meditation classes took me beyond my previous experience to a calm, warm and beautiful place in my mind whilst enabling me to make new shapes with my body. ” Lara Whyte , Journalist

Benefits of Private Sessions:
• A one-on-one session can help designing a program that is personalized to you.
• A private session can offer motivation and help push you through when you are engaged in tricky poses or stuck on challenging plateaus.
• During a private session, I will be able to identify the exact skills and strengths you require order for you to move forward.
• As a wellbeing coach I can also support you mentally and physically with diet, yoga meditation and breathing exercises. (Please click here for the Coaching page)

I offer private, semi-private (up to 6 people) and corporate sessions.
Gift vouchers are available.
Please contact me at: [sf_email][/sf_email] for prices.


 7 weeks Beginners Courses starts 8th January 2014

Wednesdays 8:15-9:15

£63 (card valid for 8 weeks)

A structured 7 week course that guides you slowly and safely through the basics of yoga posture and breathing techniques to develop strength, stamina and flexibility, providing you with a solid foundation and detailed explanations of the postures.

Variations will be taught to ensure all students can enjoy the practice of yoga. Suitable for any age group.

To book please send a cheque to: R.Golan-Rothwell, 218a Conkwell Grange, BA2 7FD.

“No other yoga course or teacher has persuaded me to commit before but Rina’s style seriously over-delivers and exceeds expectation. It is difficult to know how best to describe her as she encapsulates so much but certainly she is a tremendously knowledgable and inspirational source.”   Jessica, Bath


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