Change your relationship with food by making it a ritual

If we slow down and bring reverence, attention and love to the food our relationship with food will change.

Here’s a deeply touching food prayer from the Dagara people of Burkina Faso.

We give gratitude to the spirit of the earth who have held sacred the seeds Who has nurtured this food
For the stars and the moon that have given a mystery to it
For the sun who gave it warmth for it to grow
For the people who have sown it, cultivated it, harvest it
For the people who grind it from their heart
For the people who ingested their love into it while they cooked it
For the people who have so graciously offered this food to us
May it be nurturing to our spirit
May it be strengthening to our soul
May it give us the power and love we are here to share

s̩e̩ (ah-shay)
May it be so