A creative, fun, non-cooking day. Raw food literally saved my life, and I would love to share with you the healing power of organic living food, and how it can rejuvenate you physically, mentally and spiritually.

You will learn the alchemy of spices, oils, natural sweeteners, salts, superfoods and herbs and how to integrate more raw food into your diet easily.

Rather then sending you home with a set of recipes you will learn the chemistry (the foundation) of raw food that will give you the confidence whatever ingredients you have to hand to create delicious, sexy and highly nutritious food.

All ingredients are low G.I. and gluten, dairy and sugar free.

To book for private events or corporates £75 a person
To pay £35 deposit click here

“As I have found with her approach to yoga, Rina embodies everything that she teaches, with clarity, poise and precision. Her direct and distinctly unfussy approach is accompanied by a vast wealth of knowledge gained by personal experience. Rina speaks of the alchemy behind living food – and as with all magical recipes it remains the secret ingredient. As with most things nowadays, there is information available to us at our fingertips or in all good bookshops. Rina’s intimate and knowledgeable approach cuts through the hours you could so easily spend trawling for information, comparing reviews and recipes” Lizzie Walton, Bath