Superfood Mix

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Mix 1 tsp with warm nut milk, water or apple juice each morning

A delicious superfood smoothie mix with nutritious dense super greens and fatty acids to support your brain and the regeneration of cells.
Chlorella • Maca • Chia • Cinnamon • Ginger

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We have perfected this balanced and nourishing formula to maximise daily wellbeing, giving you the best start to the day.
This mix supports the body in its vital functions, boosts immunity, Soothes the nervous system, and strengthens the respiratory system.
Our formulas are adjusted each season to ensure optimal healing benefits.
Our clients have been using our superfood mix for over a decade both during and outside retreats and testify to incredible effects.


Prebiotic high in chlorophyll, protein and essential fatty acids
Promotes regeneration of cells and lowers inflammation

  • MACA

Balances hormones
Boosts energy and performance
Aphrodisiac which can improve mood and increase fertility


Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
Balances the immune system and prevents cell damage
Facilitates the absorption of nutrients
Protects the digestive system from parasitic infection
Highly regarded and most used herb in Oriental medicine


Balances blood sugar and curbs food cravings
Promotes and assists healthy digestion
Stimulates circulation
Revered for its warming, supportive and balancing aspects

  • CHIA

High in fibre, protein, omega 3 and fatty acids (‘brain food’)
Packed with natural antioxidants, iron and calcium
Enhances energy production and cell regeneration
Regulates bowels, aids sleep and lifts mood
A fountain of youth for the body