Women adaptogens mix

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Mix 1 tsp with warm water or nut milk 1 x per day
This is our hormonal balancing formula or, as we like to call it, our aphrodisiac mix!

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Rich in vitamin C, it has a balancing effect on the metabolism
and thyroid.
Regulates temperature – cooling you in hot climates and
warming you when it’s cool
Promotes healthy skin and a strong immune system
A tasty herb, used medicinally since ancient times
Enhances sexual ability
Lowers blood pressure
Aids and calms digestion


Means, ‘She who possesses a hundred husbands’!
Used in Ayurvedic medicine for female reproductive health,
as an aphrodisiac and to enhance fertility
An important ‘Rasayana’ or balancing and rejuvenating herb
Contains potent antibacterial properties
Supports a healthy immune system


Also known as Indian Gooseberry or “The Mother” in Ayurveda
The ultimate healing herb, caring for the mind-body system
Has a restorative effect on the immune system
Associated with youth and longevity, it slows ageing
Helps to uplift the spirits, enhance stamina and increase sexual
Boosts immunity due to its high vitamin C content
Supports healthy digestive function
Cools and calms inflammation
A very balanced food source, containing 5 of the 6 tastes