Women adaptogens mix

Beautifying and soothing mix to support women’s health with Ayurvedic herbs and adaptogens.


Hormonal Balancing Formula
150 g £29
3-months bag £69

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Mix 1 tsp. with either warm water or warmed nut milk

Rebalance, our hormonal balancing mix or how we also like to call it our aphrodisiac mix.

Rich in vitamin C, Hibiscus has a balancing effect on the metabolism, thyroid and temperature regulation, literally cooling you in hot climates and warming you up when its cool. Promotes healthy skin and a strong immune system. Such a tasty herb, in ancient medicine it was used to enhance sexual abilities, lower blood pressure, aid and calm digestion.

In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, Shatavari is used for female reproductive health, as an aphrodisiac and to enhance fertility. Considered an important ‘Rasayana’, balancing and rejuvenating herb, the name literally translates as ‘she who possesses a hundred husbands’. A potent antibacterial that supports a healthy immune system.

Indian gooseberry is known as “the mother” in Ayurveda as it is the ultimate healer, caring for the mind-body system and having a restorative effect on the immune system. Associated with youth and longevity, slowing the ageing process, it also helps to uplift the spirits, enhance stamina, boost immunity due to its high vitamin C content and increase sexual desire. It contains 5 of the 6 tastes making it a very balanced food source in the diet. Supports healthy digestive function, having a cooling and calming effect on inflammation.