Purushartha- the Vedic foundations of wellbeing. Women course


With a FREE 1 to 1 mentoring session with Rina (worth £120)

Four Wednesday June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
7-9 pm GMT

You are invited to join a group of women to be part of an interactive online weekend course to explore the Vedic foundation of wellbeing- Sex Wealth Spirituality and Purpose.


The Purushartha, the ancient yogic blueprint for wellbeing, will be our structure (the masculine). This will allow us to explore freely and safely whatever arises on the spur of the moment (the mystery, the feminine). The results will be tangible, powerful and real.

What is it?
Purushartha is the Vedic blueprint for wellbeing.

It’s made up of four pillars:

Dharma- a state of mind that allows people to approach life with acceptance and understanding-mental wellbeing

Artha: abundance in the material sense – finance and physical wellbeing

Kama: satisfaction in our relationships- emotional and sexual wellbeing

Moksha- moving from me to we- spiritual wellbeing

This is NOT a course on yoga philosophy, it’s a toolbox for healthful living, a supportive community and a framework for your development.

In following our dharma, life purpose, we find financial, sexual/emotional wellbeing, and move into deeper awareness and satisfaction.
This day retreat gives you tools to live these four pillars daily, with the support of a group of determined women.

The aims of this retreat is to:
- increase your awareness of your creativity, compassion, potential and power
_ bring ancient wisdom to life in ways relevant to your life now
- help you shape a satisfying, balanced and meaningful life.
- and equip you to share this work with others.

This retreat is for women who:
Want to express themselves authentically, courageously and consistently
Want to create financial, emotional, sexual and spiritual balance so you can be in service for those who don’t have this yet
Crave a community of women who share your values and want to be part of the solution, and
Want to share your gifts with the world.
You don’t have to be a yogini to join, though if you are, working with the Purushrtha, it will add depth to your practice.

The group is a mind hive/heart-storming community to find ways to be in service. It’s also a way to generate income for all of you who have trained.

Watch this video about the Purushartha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K0n1vfN8NE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1XKdB6JdSAx5DZHuLXlid2fnLusuI9pFsdkT_KAlqkYvJ0Y3i48OHnZGw

About Rina
Wellbeing practitioner, lifestyle consultant and devoted yogini.
With 17 years’ experience, I’ve helped thousands of clients transform their well-being and quality of life.
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"Rina held a clear and strong space for us to enquire within with interesting and important key points in this philosophy/system of Purushartha.
Rina helped the group to relate these core principles to our lives for deep enquiry, helping us to be curious and open to what came up for us. The group dynamic helped this process."
Georgia Wisbey

"I took Rina's retreat and found it full of beautiful knowledge and guidance for living a life that is full of wellbeing and feeling nourished.
Rina is such a hugely inspirational person and has such a depth of understanding in her subject that you can't help but feel impressed. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I can honestly say that since doing her retreat, I feel like I am going through life with much more ease and calm. I would highly recommend!!! " Vici Brown

"My growth experience, which I firmly hold the retreat responsible for, has been a feeling of "coming into myself". The best way to describe it is you know how ski boots have to clip into the skis? That's how I feel I've 'clipped' into myself. My sex life has improved; more importantly, my attitude to my sex life has improved. My confidence has grown - I'm wearing clothes that represent me, because I feel brave enough to. I don't care if they aren't 'slimming'. Who cares?! I look - in my view - great.
What has taken place is a transformation in my feelings about myself - I like myself and my style a lot more since your retreat."
Sam Richards

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Sessions will be recorded if you miss a session but I highly recommend to join the group, it’s deeply nourishing.