Full Moon Meditation

£39 for 12 moon meditations

Let’s explore what is possible for us when we hold an intention to heal and grow together.

See dates below.


We will gather online every full moon to practice meditation and inquire about principles of wellness from the Vedic tradition as a sangha (community).

This invitation is to anyone who wants to explore what is possible for us when we commit to growing together, men, women, whether experienced meditators or not.

The purpose is to deepen our practice together and connect with the cycles of nature, and our own nature.

March 7th 2023
April 6th 2023
May 5th 2023
June 4th 2023
July 3rd 2023
August 1st 2023
August 31st 2023
September 29th 2023
October 28th 2023
November 27th 2023
December 27th 2023
January 13th 2024