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Forest Dweller Course 

Vanaprastha, the pre-menopause, and during-menopause stage of life.
February 28th, march 6th and 13th || 7-9 PM GMT Online
Your body is not betraying you, it’s just realigning to the new version of yourself.
I’ve been in that stage for a few years now. In the beginning, my body changed dramatically, my hormones were all over the place, I gained weight, had brain fog,  I struggled with sleep and digestion, and I didn’t feel like myself anymore.
I hear the very same experiences from many of my clients, they feel exhausted.
Now that our pleasing hormone oestrogen is going down, we feel that we had enough of taking care of others while neglecting our own needs, we want to slow down and visit our inner forest more frequently.
If you feel that, know it will all pass you are just going through initiation.
Join me on a three-session course to learn about the third stage of life- vanaprastha, the forest dweller, as they call it in the Vedic/yogic tradition.
Feeling supported and seen is important at this point when things are coming to an end, and you are still in the unknown, not yet clear about the next stage of your life, what the mystics call the ‘tempering’ process.
I’ll closely guide you on how to nourish yourself, your body, your mind, and your soul to ensure you benefit from this stage while becoming a powerful force of wisdom.
Session 1, Nourishment
you will learn how to nourish your body and take care of your hormonal body so you feel and look well and avoid the imbalances women start to feel at this stage of life. We will cover physical practices and food that can support you.
Session 2 Mindset
You will learn ways to understand yourself more and your new needs,  how to deepen your intimacy with the new version of you, and through that, receive the knowledge to find satisfaction again.
Session 3, Soulful
I’ll share ideas for practices, and meditations from mystic traditions to help you feel grounded while you follow the calling to be more still and to feel held while you are unbecoming so that you can come out from the other side freer to be your true self, unapologetically.
This course is for ALL women who want to understand more deeply the pre- and during-menopause stage of life.

February 28th, march 6th and 13th || 7-9 PM GMT Online.

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