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Purushartha Virtual Women Retreat

WAS ( £189)

November 26th and 27th
10am-1pm GMT
Zoom Meeting

You are invited to join a group of women to be part of an interactive online weekend course to explore the Vedic foundation of wellbeing- Sex Wealth Spirituality and Purpose.


Women adaptogens mix

Beautifying and soothing mix to support women’s health with Ayurvedic herbs and adaptogens.


Hormonal Balancing Formula
150 g £29
3-months bag £69


Wild-harvested European Chaga Mushroom Tea

A powerful substitute to coffee to boost the immune system and nourish the mind.


Wild-harvested Scottish


Superfood Mix

A delicious superfood smoothie mix with nutritious dense super greens and fatty acids to support your brain and the regeneration of cells.


Chlorella • Maca • Chia • Cinnamon • Ginger


Adaptogens Mix

A powerful mix of Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs to calm the nervous system and focus the mind.


Tulsi • Ashwaganda • Ginger

Seasonal Virtual Cleanse Retreats

Detoxify • Rejuvenate • Reconnect

Reset and nourish yourself with a 5-day gentle detox retreat with a rejuvenating meal plan and soothing routines

Virtual Summer Cleanse Retreat

June 8th-12th 2023

Or download the cleanse and do it in your own convenient time 🌱

Let’s gather for one more virtual community cleanse retreat!

Summer is the perfect time for a detox, restart the system, boost the liver, regenerate the cells and nourish the mind.