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After 15 years experience of holding Seasonal Cleanse & Rejevenation Yoga Retreats and supporting others on their path to wellbeing. I’ve wanted to create a virtual experience that will be simple but deeply nourishing, a step-by-step cleanse in the comfort of your home. Not only so you can experience the benefit of this program like: boosting your immunity and metabolism, raising your energy levels, and increase your mental clarity, but also that you’ll know that it’s possible to integrate some of those routines in your daily life.

I can’t promise that this program will heal diseases but I can promise it will alleviate the experience of ease.


FREE 5 Day Virtual Cleanse Online Retreat


This Cleanse Package has everything you need to feel confident to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and it’s FREE.
What you get:


  • Seven videos with plenty of practical information, routines and inspirations
  • Guided meditation
  • Yoga session
  • Daily recipes PDFs
  • Shopping list




Watch the retreat trailer here

There’s a group forming to go through


 JANUARY 29th-February 2nd FOR MORE DETAILS  email me at info@rinaolan.co 


You also have the opportunity to order the Cleanse & Rejuvenation Organic Formulas Package (Superfoods Mix, Adaptogens Mix & Chaga Mushrooms Tea) to support your experience and your body.
I am sharing this formula that I have been using for many years with amazing results. I have only included the best quality organic herbs, free from bacteria, heavy metals, and grown with love and respect by independent businesses.
Plus for each package sold we will plant a tree for TreeSisters in your name. 
We have a limited supply of the formulas so please order it as soon as you can.


You can order the Package today for £89 instead of £109
+ £5 p&p to UK addresses
for postage to other parts of the world, please contact me info@rinagolan.co




– PDFs –

Cleanse & Rejuvenation  Formulas Package PDF

Preparation PDF

Elimination PDF

Rejuvenation PDF

– Organic Cleanse & Rejuvenation Formulas Package –

Organic Cleanse Formulas Package
Superfood Mix + Adaptogen Mix + Chaga Mushroom Tea


Superfood Mix
Chlorella • Maca • Chia • Cinnamon • Ginger


Adaptogen Mix
Tulsi • Ashwaganda • Ginger


Wild-harvested Scottish
Chaga Mushroom Tea


– Videos –

Preparation: Watch this video at least a week before you start the cleanse to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the 5 days cleanse. Please watch it again on the first day of the cleanse to make sure you have all the information needed to make sure you feel well informed and supported.
Daily Routine: In this video you will learn about dinacharya, the ayurvedic practice of daily routines. Working with circadian rhythm will help you to feel more balance and vibrant.
Emotional Side of the Cleanse (Bonus video): This short video will give you simple ways to ’surf’ the emotions if they arise.

The five Tibetans is a beautiful sequence to help you feel invigorated when you need extra boost or to calm you down before bed.
If you have lots of energy you can practice each exercise 21 times. 
If you feel low in energy try 10-12 times each exercise.
Note: if you choose 10 times, then all five exercises need to be 10 times. 
Plus, make sure you leave at list 5 minutes at the end for relaxation laying down on your back.

Guided Meditation:
In this meditation you will connect with the body through stillness. 

Closing the Cleanse:
This video will show you how to integrate all that you learned and will give you ideas on how to create a lifestyle that is more conducive for your wellbeing.

How to use the formulas

Aftercare wellness coaching

If you feel inspired to have the support you need to achieve long-lasting results physically and mentally and integrate realistic routines that will align you with the cycles of nature to bring you closer to balance so you can become the person you most want to be (and avoid the tendency to swing from detox to retox).

More information on my coaching here.

To book your free 20 minutes session email me: info@rinagolan.co

Let’s start!

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”I feel lighter, more focused, my sleep has improved and I’m eating mindfully. It has given me the opportunity to reset my eating habits and make much wiser choices. The recipes you provided are delicious and I will keep using them. I felt supported by the superfood mix and adaptogens. I learned so much! Daily rituals that have improved my day to day life. It’s the day after the cleanse, I’m full of energy, eating wisely and full of inspiration and excitement for life.”

Jodie Nabb

“One of the most essential life skills that we could learn. I have my energy back, and the rest will flow. Deep gratitude”

Aya Kobayashi

“For years now I have wanted to join one of Rina’s retreats but for various reasons have been unable to. I saw the space Rina was bringing for an online retreat and wanted to learn a little more about the Ayurvedic approach. So I ordered my superfood mix, adaptogen herbs, chaga & I was ready to go! Little did I expect the experience to be so well timed for me and so nurturing…
I am writing this in 2020. So far a very different year to any other most of us worldwide have ever experienced. It has sent me to a place of quiet contemplation, calibration and realignment (this place can be very disorientating). And whilst in this place, the retreat has gently guided my focus back to my healing. My attention is so often outward, and in recent weeks, for me personally has become neglectful. So thank you Rina for giving me ‘permission’ to continue toward my highest purpose. The focus on restoration, rejuvenation and nurture has brought me somewhere much closer to ‘home’. Thank you.”

Jamie Linegar