Welcome! I’m Rina, a Wellness practitioner, a travelling Yoga teacher, and healthy-living enthusiast.
I am passionate about sharing with you the bliss of balanced, holistic health; mental, physical and spiritual.

I host Detox/Cleansing Weekends and Worldwide Retreats, as well as Private Vibrant LifeStyle Coaching and Private Detox Programs – integrating a personal dietary regime and yoga practice, with relaxation techniques to provide holistic health care. The pace of life is speeding up. Our nervous system responds to this by increasing the level of adrenaline – a stress hormone – in the body. Coaching and yoga can’t change the external environment but, it will help you cope with it gracefully.

YouTube video: Rina on Superfoods

“No other course or teacher has persuaded me to commit before but Rina’s style seriously over-delivers and exceeds expectation. It is difficult to know how best to describe her as she encapsulates so much but certainly she is a tremendously knowledgable and inspirational source.”
Jessica, Bath