My Wellness Mentoring offers you the opportunity to:

  • profoundly transform your health
  • make lasting lifestyle changes
  • regulate your nervous system 
  • regenerate your body – feel and look younger
  • balance you weight 
  • strengthen your immune system
  • boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • learn ways to find satisfaction in your everyday life 
  • find your unique and authentic gifts, your dharma 


In my Six Week offer we examine what is holding you back and what might help you to shift into a space of contentment.


We take a deep dive into your life, help you break habits, develop healthy new ones, uncover your joy and unearth your unique talents.

Inspired to bring more well-being into your workplace?
I also offer bespoke corporate wellness consultancy. Email me at to find out how I can help your team to thrive.

Kind Words

“Working with Rina on one-to-one sessions and attending her retreats have had an incredibly positive impact on my wellbeing and outlook on life. Rina has a wealth of knowledge and is very insightful. She is clearly passionate about helping people and creating a positive environment, demonstrated by the supportive community she has built and continues to build upon. I find that in every conversation we have, I learn something new and look at a situation from a different angle with a toolkit that makes me feel excited and empowered. I couldn’t recommend working with Rina more highly. ”

Tanya Etheridge, Barrister, London. 

Kind Words

“Rina has taught me endless ways of improving my hotel and my own lifestyle and wellbeing. Nothing that leaves you hungry or feels like an effort to do. I have made so many tiny little healthy changes to my day because of this knowledgeable and wise lady. I am happier and healthier as a result of many privileged days with Rina.”

Chloe Gibbs, Eco Hotel Owner, Brazil