Retreats at Holycombe

In these retreats you will deepen your yoga practice, exploring physical, mental and spiritual balance through movement and breath.
We will cook and eat together learning how food can nourish our bodies and balance our entire selves.
We will reconnect with nature and with our natural selves.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who would like to spend a weekend in nature; learning about wellbeing, healthy clean food and Yoga.

Beginners are welcome as well as all ages.

Let yourself be nourished.

Let yourself go inwards and explore the places that need attention.

Let yourself acknowledge that this inner work is intrinsically linked to service beyond ourselves.


Beautiful, organic, seasonal, and where possible, local food is central to every retreat. Nourishment is a core element of my work and the retreats include guidance and education of how you can use food to rejuvenate the self.
During our time together you will learn how to prepare superfood shakes, smoothies, cook healthy delicious food, including raw chocolate and turmeric shots (all sugar, gluten, animal protein free).


Teaching yoga is a joy I have had the opportunity offer guidance on the mat for the last 13 years. During the retreats I offer supportive playful classes suited to beginners as well as those who have spent more time on a yogic path. The classes focus on the liver and lymphatic system meridians using vinyasa and restorative yoga, and breathing exercises to regenerate and support the nervous system. We will also look at companion breathing exercises to help alkalize the body and stimulate the liver function.

We will finish the sessions with meditation or Yoga Nidra, an ancient form of deep relaxation to set intention and release deep tensions.
You can read more about my style of yoga here.


Our bodies respond to the cycles and rhythms of the year. I design my retreats to honour and move with these. 

  • Autumn is a time for slowing down; the perfect time to nurture and restore your body and mind. 
  • Winter is a time to strengthen the immune system, to reflect, heal and find mental clarity. 
  • Spring is the best season for a quick liver cleanse; for rest and rejuvenation. 
  • Summer it the perfect time for the body to cleanse fully, allowing for deep relaxation and regeneration.

A Typical Day

08.30-09:00: Superfood shake
09.00-11.00: Morning breathwork, Vinyasa yoga & Yoga Nidra
11.30-13.30: Preparing and eating raw & cooked lunch
13.30-14.30: Silent walk, private consultation, treatment or just time to chill out
14.30-15:00: Tea & raw snack break
15.00-16.00: ‘Healing Living Kitchen’ class
16.00-17.00: More treatments to pamper yourself / free time
17.00-18.30: Restorative/Yin yoga & meditation class
18.30-20.00: Food preparation & delicious vegan meal
20.30-21.30: Yoga Nidra / meditation / movie

The Venue

Holycombe retreat centre is a beautiful, family-run, eco country house set in a verdant wooded valley on the edge of the Cotswold village of Whichford.
A natural stream rises from a holy well in the nearby wood, passes though the grounds and down a waterfall.

The Accommodation

has six bedrooms; two ensuite twin rooms, one twin room and three single rooms with double beds. There are four shared bathrooms.
• ensuite twin room: £525 shared
• twin room: £455 shared, £575 single occupancy
• single room: £435 shared, £575 single occupancy


is a two bedroom studio flat with its own bathroom.
• shared: £435 (double bed)
• single occupancy: £535 (single bed)

There is also an option for GLAMPING in a yurt.
• shared glamping: £435

Glamping in the Gazebbo £395 (double bed

Bring your own tent £355


To reserve your place, use PayPal to pay a deposit of £165 for any of the retreats available here

* The deposit is refundable if cancellation notice is given with more than 2 weeks notice of the event, minus a £45 administration fee.
The deposit is 100% non-refundable if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the event.

“Rina’s narrative, pure love of the practice, knowledge and humour are unique”
Lyndsay Whyte, Barrister

“A truly inspiring couple of days. Rina is very knowledgeable and down to earth as well as fun. The food we ate was amazingly tasty and you felt so good afterwards that it was a real reminder of how important food is to the body. Rina has some great recipes and her advice and tips on food were really helpful to improve your diet. Stunning countryside walks, yoga, meditation and staying at the beautiful Holycombe was soul reviving. I felt totally refreshed and enlivened when I returned home and feel like I am thinking clearer and can focus more on what matters.”
Anita Cooper, Northampton

“Rina’s lighthearted and playful approach is balanced with a serious dedication to teaching that can help students of all levels deepen their practice.Her multidisciplinary approach and skillful instruction creates a strong connection between our experiences on the mat within the larger context of our lives. Rina is able to transmit the timeless wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions as well as get us up to date on the latest scientific research helping people achieve a modern and comprehensive understanding of our personal health and collective well being.” 
Ben Kappel, Louisiana