‘When I hit 40, losing weight became impossible. I’m eating well, running, and practising yoga- all the stuff that used to work magic doesn’t work anymore.’

In the last two decades of mentoring and teaching in the field of well-being, I’ve been resisting talking about weight loss.

I felt that it was a way to shame women and keep them consumers, so my focus was to find physical, mental and spiritual satisfaction, and it still is, but as most of my clients MONTHLY GROUP MENTORING jANUARY 3RD 2024 3PM GMT 2 are women between 35 and 60 ish years old, I see a lot of struggle with losing weight.

I had the same experience when my hormones shifted, but I’m telling you, now that I’m 48, it’s not here to stay if you shift your mindset and lifestyle.

For women, the Shakti force, it’s essential that we feel good in our bodies; then, our mind is clear, and the soul is content. So let’s talk about balancing weight after 40.

In this FREE one-hour group mentoring session, you’ll learn what’s happening hormonally and how you can adjust your lifestyle to support you in losing weight and finding more mental balance. All our group mentoring sessions will start with a short meditation. Bring a pad and pen and an open mind.

I look forward to seeing you on January 3rd at 3 pm GMT.