Depression and the Dark Night of the Soul

February 3rd 9-10:20 am GMT, Live online,
Free event. if you feel like donating we’ll invested in tree planting for you. 

Times when you feel that life is losing its meaning, familiar faces feel irrelevant in your life, and you can’t pretend anymore.

These painful, dark times of life, when you don’t feel you belong to the life you used to be happy with, are called the dark night of the soul or existential depression. In these times, very few medications can help; sometimes, even talking therapy will not hit the spot.
I know; I’ve been there a few times; on the dark night of the soul, it can feel very lonely at times, but know that you are called to surrender and let life shape you as you lose your identity. These could be challenging times.

I would love to share with you ways to go through this ‘night of your soul’ skillfully so you can come out from the other side inspired and joyful again.

You will learn how to support your mental health with food, lifestyle, mental and spiritual practices.

We will have 20 minutes at the end for Q&A. All group mentoring will start with a short meditation. 


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