FREE 5-Day Online Community Cleanses

Want to deepen your self-care and find sustainable ways to create positive change in your life? Our free Community Cleanses offer seasonal tools and techniques that help you gently nourish yourself, boost your immune system and balance your body weight. Much like a yoga satsang, we will set shared intentions and benefit from group support as we go through the cleansing process together. You’ll have access to a private Facebook group, participate in live daily Zoom check-ins with Rina and the community, and get daily routines, recipes and a guided meditation to support your health and wellbeing. Use our organic formulas package during the process to soothe your nervous system, boost your immunity and strengthen your respiratory system.

Our upcoming Community Cleanses

  • Spring Community Cleanse: 12-16 March 2021
  • Summer Community Cleanse: 11-15 June 2021


The daily group check-ins will take place from 8-9pm by Zoom and will be broadcast live on our Facebook group. All sessions will be recorded in case you can’t make it. 


Thank you for a wonderful five-day cleanse – my son and I did it together and this was a beautiful blessing in itself! I had a wonderful experience: I feel amazing and the inflammation in my body has gone. I feel lighter, more peaceful and calm and I also lost half a stone in weight, though I didn’t do it for this! I am loving the recipes and LOVE the Chaga tea. A fantastic experience and even better when there is group energy to support the process.” – Diana Sampson, Somerset