Three Month Package £1150 – payable in full when you book or in three monthly instalments of £385
Includes: 12 x weekly one-hour mentoring sessions via Zoom or Telephone

To bring profound change recommend my Three Month package.
It includes all the benefits of the Six Week package but allows us more time to imbed long lasting benefits. We take a deep dive into your life, help you break habits, develop healthy new ones, uncover your joy and unearth your unique talents.
Finding your dharma or purpose will bring you lasting inner peace and you will feel vibrant and fulfilled.

My Mentoring packages can be bought in combination with my herb mixes.
Go to the Shop page to buy bundles.

Let’s start with a free introductory 20-minute call to ensure that my style of mentoring is right for you.
From there, we’ll plan a package that suits you. I can also advise you on which herb mixes to buy

Kind Words


“I met Rina whilst attending one of her retreats in October 2020. Lockdown had taken its toll, like for many, and I had suffered a trauma in my past, which resurfaced at this time. I also realised that I had a life purpose, which I wasn’t yet fulfilling as I didn’t know how.
Rina’s voice is very calming, and I never felt like I was being rushed through our meetings. Her ability and technique of gently driving you to let go of the mind and feeling the emotion in your body was brilliant. Over the 12 weeks I felt safe and nurtured and was able to express myself completely knowing that I was not being judged. Rina taught me how to focus on the things that mattered to me the most, as well as using my strengths to challenge my weaknesses, which would help me on my path. I was encouraged to journal every day – one of the best things anyone can ever do. It’s like releasing everything off your chest and somehow you can see and think more clearly.
Therapy worked for me as an individual, but it only helped my mind, it didn’t deal with the emotions held deep within my body. This is where Rina helped me, and I will always be grateful for that. If anyone has the pleasure of working under Rina’s guidance, you will not regret it. It’s a journey well worth taking.
You will see things in yourself that you never thought were there, through the care of Rina’s nurturing voice, her techniques and most of all open-hearted love you will go back to who you always were, if not better!
Thank you
Kiran Sagoo, London