Winter Stew for Gut Health

Mar 2, 2022

Let’s talk helianthus tuberosus, commonly known as Jerusalem fartichoke  because it’s so good for your gut health (recipe below).
Jerusalem artichoke has nothing to do with Jerusalem and is not an artichoke (the taste is similar to the artichoke hearts). It is from the sunflower family. The flowers are much smaller because this plant concentrates most of its resources into its tubers. 
It’s like a weed, you can’t get rid of it. I like plants with perseverance they usually carry powerful medicine. 
Studies show that for gut health you need lots of fiber (that’s the reason my cleanse & rejuvenation protocol is 70% vegetables).
Jerusalem artichoke with its undigested fiber stays in the colon fermented by gut microflora is- fuel for probiotics. 
So don’t let the air-inducing effect  stop you from enjoying this nuttily-delicious, highly, pre-biotic, winter vegetable.

As promised I’ve played with what I’ve found in the farmers’ market, and I can report that my cooking guideline: ‘what grows together, tastes fantastic together.’ worked. 

Try the Wintery Jerusalem Artichoke, Chestnuts Stew recipe here– divine!