Turmeric your best friend

Nov 29, 2014


Excellent news friends, the turmeric season is here until January.
I highly recommend buying enough for a year (the root), it is important not to wrap in plastic, leave on the counter or in a basket (not in the refrigerator) and the turmeric will hold till next season.
What to do:
● Slice an inch of turmeric root and add to your teapot with ginger and honey
● use in cooking
● In a blender place a complete root with two cups of water for two minutes then with a strainer filter and preserve the juice in a glass bottle in the fridge
Drink 30 ml every day, you can mix it with a warm cup of almond milk, yum!
encouraging the immune system
Supports gastrointestinal health, bones and joints
Balance your cholesterol
Regenerate the liver cells and purify the blood
Please share with us your own recipes