Summer Self-Love Diet

Jul 6, 2022

Do you find the term ‘beach body’ irritating? If you have a body and you are on the beach, then it’s a beach body.
There is a lot of pressure to look like what our society calls ‘models of beauty’. However, this is basically the not fully developed body of an average 15-year-old girl. Yup.
In a society that sets you unrealistic goals and profits from your self-doubt, accepting and loving yourself is a rebellious act that can bring profound change.
I get it. It’s nice to feel light and strong but if we don’t slow down, and create a safe container to compassionately hold the parts of ourselves that haven’t been nourished, all the diets in the world will not help.
In fact, many studies show that the majority of people who go on diets gain back more weight than they had originally lost.
So how do we create a safe, compassionate space for ourselves and learn to love ourselves?
Get to know the needs beneath the hunger.
When you have a sudden need to eat it’s probably emotional, so take a pause (promise the hungry part that you’ll eat straight after the pause), breathe and ask yourself, ‘What am I hungry for now?’
If it’s connection and love, call a friend or write about the needs. Give them space and then eat what you like.
Start with food that makes you feel energised after you eat. If you feel tired after a meal this food doesn’t work for you – though it might be different in another season or stage of your life.
Choose company that appreciates and sees your greatness, that is not judgmental or exhausting.
Remind yourself of all the value that you are adding to your family, friends and your close community because we can get caught in the ‘I’m not doing enough’, which is not very loving.
When you choose to balance your weight, cleanse your body or going on a rejuvenating daily routine, remind yourself that you are not fixing yourself, you are choosing yourself. Make it into an act of self-care.
If self-care feels narcissistic (which the wellness scene can promote) remind yourself that when you can be gentle and caring to yourself, not only are you able to truly care for others, but you can also model it to those around you and inspire them to do the same.