Spring Liver Love

Apr 8, 2022

Spring is the best time to support our liver, activate the detoxification process and get rid of stagnation so we can feel more active and energetic.

If there are imbalances in our liver energy, liver symptoms can flare. Symptoms such as migraine headaches, hay fever, vertigo, and PMS can all get worse. You may also notice yourself feeling a little more short-tempered or having sudden bursts of anger.

To nourish your liver start with eating organic green, clean and lean food.

Avoid inflammatory fats and eat more good fats as they can help with breaking down fat: avocado, chia, olives, coconut oil etc.

Dairy will build mucus so, if you can, have less or none.As always nature provides us with exactly what we need.Go outside and pick some- nettle, dandelion and wild garlic.

I use nettle and dandelion in green juices.Wild garlic is delicious on many dishes where you want a gentle garlic flavour.

Here’s a wild garlic pesto recipe for delicious liver tonic nettle and wild garlic soup 🌱