Simple Practice For Inner Peace

Mar 2, 2022

We can all do with a bit more contentment, inner peace, or what the yogis call ananda. 
Even people who meditate for years, practicing yoga every day, can lose it when a fly sits on their nose, or a child makes noise in the background.

Yes, breathing exercises and yoga movements can improve our mental wellbeing dramatically.
But if we betray our truth, if our work and relationships are not aligned with our values, we won’t be able to experience inner peace.
In a society where our leaders are led by greed and the welfare of all (the principle of dharma) is not a priority, it is difficult to walk our values, it can feel like swimming against the stream. 

So how to walk your values and find contentment: 
⚆ Firstly, take into account that we will never be perfect and all we can do is our best. 
⚆ Find a sangha, a community that holds similar values, it’s always easier together.
⚆ Commit to this practice for at least 30 days:
Every morning after you brush your teeth, look and the mirror, say your name and promise yourself to honor seven things you care about, for example:
“I promise you that I will: speak the truth, I’ll take care of my body, I’ll do my best to take care of the earth, I’ll protect the children/animals…”
It’s a very powerful svatyaya (self-study) that will shift things faster than you can imagine.