Rutu Sandhi- Transitioning between seasons

Mar 2, 2022

Yesterday I went to visit my neighbour Jo, she’s an equine therapist.

Apparently, her eighteen horses have been more scattered than the usual, more erratic, eating more, needing more rest, and wants to stay close to each other.

Interesting! We are exactly 7 days before autumn, a time when we will experience the increase of Vata. All the changes in the horse’s behaviour are classic symptoms of Vata (air) aggravation.

This week we are recommended to practice Rutu Sandhi, the week of transitioning between two seasons.

Here are 5 ways to support the body/mind transit from summer to autumn and calm Vata.

🍁Spend time in nature and watch the changes, that will help regulate hormones and feel more grounded emotionally.

🍁Rest more- your body needs to slow down after all the business of the summer.

🍁Eat slow-cooked food, with lots of root vegetables and spices. Try Kitchari for 7 days.

🍁Back to adaptogens, it always works! They will help the body to adapt to the changes, calm the nervous system and support the immune system.

🍁Spend time with your relatives those who are still here and those who have passed.

🍁Go in, meditate, journal, reflect and review on what worked for you in the past few months, what made you feel safe and nourished.