Rutu Sandhi – In-between seasons

Mar 16, 2022

Spring in the air?

We are now at the Rutu Sandhi, or in-between seasons. It is the time when we are transiting from winter to Spring. 

Nature has patience and we too benefit from gradual, gentle changes rather than sudden ones, which can affect our nervous system and immune system.

For the next two weeks of Rutu Sandhi watch the changes in nature, and in your nature. How do you feel? Maybe less attracted to heavy, fatty food?

Maybe you need less sleep? Do you feel more in need to cleanse and declutter, to feel lighter in body and mind?

Here are the four pillars of rejuvenation for this two week transition period into Spring.


Increase the amount of seasonal vegetables you consume, have more plant-based protein rather than animal protein.

Drink more warm water to help elimination.

Use spicy teas in the mornings, like chai, and keep you breakfast warm but light.

I’ve added a few recipes to support the liver at this time, especially if you are gradually preparing your body for a cleanse- have some broth like miso and ginger, coriander spread and turmeric shots.


Try the Adaptogens Mix, or Women Mix at this time to support the hormonal system and as a result your moods. Chaga tea can also help with drying candida and other kapha (dampness) conditions. The Superfood Mix can support elimination and regeneration of cells. Find all our remedies mixes here.


Adjust bedtimes to reflect the change in sunlight.

Take advantage of slightly warmer days to soak in some mid-morning sunshine.


Try a flower gazing meditation.

80% of our sensory data comes through vision. Focusing on the beauty, softness and openness of a flower will soothe the mind and help us move from the more wintery, heavy aspects of our thoughts to a more joyful state of being. 

If you want to try a spring cleanse at home get in touch and I’ll send you FREE Five-Day Cleanse & Rejuvenation protocol with recipes and videos.  You can also buy the formulas on my site.

If you would like a more supported cleanse and rejuvenation, with a like-minded group and wonderful teachings, join our Easter retreat at the beautiful Waterperry House in Oxfordshire. Click here to find out more.

Image: Waterperry House in the spring