Rejuvenate for your Dharma

Mar 7, 2022

Being in the service of others, connection and generosity is how we create wellbeing in the brain. We are social creatures and we thrive when our actions can benefit others. That’s what I mean when I say dharma. When we create a lifestyle that supports rejuvenation: regenerating cells, replenishing our mind and restoring our overall wellbeing, we live longer, gain more time to express our unique gift (it can be very humble) to serve the welfare of all (dharma). First, we need to cleanse and let things die. Then we can create fertile ground to build the new version of ourselves that is more aligned with our values, with what we care about, with our dharma. Start with the foundation of rasayana, the rejuvenation guideline – simplify your life.

Before any decision you make ask yourself: will it complicate my life or simplify my life?