Nourish Yourself This Way

Aug 10, 2023

I meet many people on retreats and 1:1 mentoring who ask for help in  ‘fixing’ themselves, to help them detox, lose weight, stop their addictions or perfect their ways of being.
I tell them that I will not participate in making themselves wrong, or pathologising themselves. 
I can teach ways to bring more ease, compassion, acceptance and nourishment because change and transformation can only happen when we stop resisting the way things are.
Plus, there is nothing harshness can do that love can’t do better. 
Nourishment is a good place to start. 

Nourishment can look like taking the time to make yourself delicious food with love and attention (even when it’s not the ‘healthiest’ option).
Nourishment is little moments of appreciation. 
It’s a  deep breath after a stressful day.
It’s watching the sun rising and setting. 
Nourishment is learning to say no to things that deplete you. 
It’s putting the phone down, the computer in sleep mode, and dancing to your favourite tune.
It’s creating space to just be.
Nourishment is local, organic, seasonal food. 
It’s leaving the 10,000 things you need to do to call your parents or a dear friend in need. 
Nourishment is choosing to be kind rather than right. 
It’s saying goodbye to depleting relationships. 
Nourishment is prioritising your creativity.
Nourishment is forgiving yourself. 
It’s choosing you.
It’s going with your truth rather than what others expect from you. 
Nourishment is anything that simplifies rather than complicates your life. 
Nourishment is taking the time to help an insect to leave your house safely. 
Nourishment is spending time in nature. 
It’s attention to the little things.