It’s All In Your Body

Aug 10, 2023

All the answers are in your body.
We’ve been told that the body is a sin, to ignore its desires and needs. 
I suggest listening to it, giving it pleasure, and letting it be satisfied. 
By honouring its needs, you will heal your relationship with your body, and you can fire all the ‘gurus’.

Say ‘no’ more because the more ‘yes-person’ you are, the more susceptible you are to autoimmune diseases. 
I’m talking from a direct experience here. 

Play, be silly, and laugh, because in these times of change we’re living in, seriousness will only make it more difficult and less fun. 

Deepen your intimacy with your nervous system. 
Learn what helps you to regulate it.
For me, it’s daily routines, regular visits to nature, reminding myself that we are all connected, shaking my body, touch, adaptogens teas, and minimising exposure to news.

Tending grief is a rejuvenating practice. 
Cry sometimes, talk about your losses, and let death be present in your daily life. 
Straight after grief practice, rise again, remember your dreams, remember what you are here to share till your last breath. 

Dance! Because we dance before we even crawl. 
Your dance can be a grieving practice, a prayer, a meditation, a rage-release exercise, a ritual, a therapy session, or a love-making session with your body.