Dec 29, 2021

I will recommend doing it on the new moon on January 2nd to make it even more potent. 

Sankalpa Meditation for 2022
In my experience, life doesn’t want us to play small. Life wants us to shine our true selves fully so we can be part of the solution on the earth. So, if asking for things for yourself feels selfish, remember that your wellbeing affects the wellbeing of all of those around you, and the more joy you feel, the more you create. And now, more than ever we need inspired people to be part of creating a better world for the next generations.

Shape your Ritual
✨Be peaceful: Create a lovely space for yourself by lighting some candles, putting photos of a place that inspire you nearby, and bringing flowers.
✨Be ready: To get into a relaxed and open state of mind before you start, take a few breaths, smell some lavender or frankincense oil and turn off all electronic devices – and the Wi-Fi, if you can.
✨Be clear: Take a moment to ask yourself what it is that you truly care about. What do you really value? What do you want to see more of in the world? The answers to these questions are the content of what you’re calling into your life in your intention-setting.
✨State your intention (Sankalpa): Speak your intentions out loud by saying ‘I am’. For example, if what you really care about is family, state ‘I am surrounded by loving family. If you want more peace and love in the world, state ‘I am peaceful’, or ‘I am loving’. State each intention, out loud, three times. For example, I am well. I am well. I am well. 
✨The final step is to let go of the intentions you’ve just set in an attitude of co-creation and non-attachment. Life has huge creative power – so much greater than what the human mind can conceive of – so once you’ve sent your Sankalpa, say “I give thanks, and I let you go” and trust that everything you asked for is already happening, that your desires are already in the making, and that they will happen when the time is right, in ways much more creative than you can imagine. 

Let your attitude be “I’m co-creating with life, for my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the whole, and I have no attachment to the result.”
Walk confidently into 2022, in the knowledge that life is on your side.