In Between Seasons

Jun 9, 2022

We are now at the Rutu Sandhi, or in-between seasons. In the northern hemisphere, it is on the Summer solstice, June 21st that we are transitioning from spring to summer.

Nature has patience and we too benefit from gradual, gentle changes rather than sudden ones, which can affect our nervous system and immune system.

For the next two weeks of Rutu Sandhi watch the changes in nature, and in your nature.

How do you feel? Maybe less attracted to heavy, fatty food?

Maybe you need less sleep? Do you feel more in need to cleanse and declutter, to feel lighter in body and mind?

Here are the four pillars of rejuvenation for this two week transition period into Summer.


Adjust bedtimes to reflect the change in sunlight.

Take advantage of slightly warmer days to soak in some sunshine.

Try a dew walking to cool down the system, increasing circulation and a magical way to start the day.

Dew is a magical substance. Water droplets almost appear to float like pearls on the surface of leaves, glistening in the warm, orange light of the morning sun. Dew is somehow both fluid and static.

In Ayurveda, it is called ‘the sweat of the moon’.

The cool dew on your feet triggers temperature receptors that signal to your blood vessels near the surface to quickly constrict to avoid heat loss.

Those blood vessels then relax to help bring warm blood to the skin surface of your feet.

Walking helps to magnify these effects. Using your leg muscles helps your blood move against gravity by creating a venous pump. With increased local blood circulation, more nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells can get where they need to go and waste products can be cleared away.


Summer stimulates our more ambitious nature, but stay cool, it can also make you feel more irritated and angry than in the cold seasons.

Meditating regularly even10 minutes a day will support you in being less reactive and making decisions from a space of clarity and calm.

Try one of those two meditations and try it for 21 days for an effective result

Self-love meditation

Metta meditation (link in the comments below).


Increase the amount of seasonal vegetables you consume, and have more plant-based protein rather than animal protein.

Drink more warm water to help elimination.

Use cooling teas in the mornings, like rose, fennel, and mint and keep your breakfast warm but light.

If you feel the need to eat more raw vegetables, summer is the perfect season (make sure you have it on a warm day and make sure it’s at room temperature (not from the fridge).


Try the Rebalance Mix at this time as it’s cooling and beautifying, balancing hormones and high in vitamins.

The Superfood Mix can support the elimination and regeneration of cells.

I personally, have it almost every day; in shakes, in warm almond milk, mix in energy balls or just a tbsp mixed in apple juice.

All formulas are on the shop page .

If you want to try a spring cleanse at home get in touch and I’ll send you FREE Five-Day Cleanse & Rejuvenation protocol with recipes and videos. You can also buy the formulas on my site.

Stay well lovers