Hormones Balance after 40

Jan 17, 2024

‘If my husband asks me for another cup of tea, I’ll kill him. Can you give me something to stop my rage?’ said a client of mine just as she hit her menopause. She is usually a very proper woman. Of course, I said, let’s get to know the rage first. 

Here are a few statistics for women aged 40-55.

Most divorces happen when women are 40-45. 
Obesity at the age of 45-55 years old is 65%.
Every third woman at this age is prescribed antidepressants. 

The thing is, your hormones don’t have to destroy your life. Suppose you start to align your lifestyle with life ways, circadian rhythm, and moon cycles. In that case, you can step into the ‘stage of wisdom’ as it is called in the Vedic tradition and other ancient medicine systems, feeling empowered and with the fire of purpose. 

Here are the six basics to balance your hormones (some of the themes we’ve covered in the last group mentoring). 

1. Wake up around 7 am in the winter (6 am in the summer) and go to bed around 9/10 pm/ 

2. Eat your last meal around 5 pm, and have 13-16 hours of no food window to allow the white fat cells (super hard to break) to turn into brown fat cells (easy to break).

2. Exercise in the first two hours after waking up; otherwise, your cortisol will become belly fat and make you more anxious 

3. Rest more to allow your body to produce more estrogen. 

4. Sugars are just not your friends at this stage, as you are more insulin-resistant. Have lots of fibre food instead. 

5. Pay more visits to your ‘inner forest’- meditating, creating, and spending quiet time in nature. 

6. Know that you are in transition, be compassionate with yourself, and share your experiences with other women who go through similar shifts. You are not depressed. You need a deep rest.  
If you need more help, please get in touch with me for one-to-one mentoring.