Food For Thoughts

Mar 2, 2022

I love simple, unassuming, delicious food, and the easiest way to achieve it is by sourcing the food in farmers’ markets.

🥕Food that grows together, tastes good together, it’s the alchemical magic that nature is. For example, take basil, tomatoes, lemon, and courgette, you can’t go wrong, right?

🥕You can also feel, see, and smell the freshness, the food is full of prana, life force, which makes the food more sensual, sexy. When we buy from supermarkets, it’s very likely that the veggies were picked, then flown somewhere to be packed, then back to the supermarket shelves (seriously!), so by the time you eat it, it’s at least 10 days old (not to mention the effect on the environment).

🥕Sourcing food at farmers’ markets is visually satisfying and heart-expanding. Knowing that you support the farmers and their families, looking directly into their eyes, smiling at each other when they put your vegetables in a bag, with their fingernails still full of soil is a different story altogether, there’s love in the food, good bacteria, and the right nutrient to fight the seasonal pathogens.

🥕Yes, it might not be organic, but the beauty of it, is that you can talk directly to the farmers, they’re usually happy to explain if you ask. Many of them don’t spray the food with chemicals, but they can’t afford the organic certification.

🥕On a mental level, it will deepen your relationship with that piece of Earth you’re living on and that sense of connection will help to heal your relationship with food. Read the ‘Dharma Love’ blog here.