Five Ways to ‘Surf’ the Winter Blues 

Mar 3, 2022

Winter darkness can support us in slowing down and going in but SAD (seasonal affective syndrome) can take us to emotional dark places too. It’s true that we produce less serotonin and more melatonin over the winter, which basically means that we are still hibernating. And yes, our mood can be low.

Our culture is addicted to pleasure, and feelings like sadness and lack of energy can be labelled as mental illness. But maybe depression is just a deep rest from the heavyweight of the ‘happy’ persona ‘costume’ we have to ‘wear’ to blend in? Of course, some people need support as serotonin regulation can be dramatically imbalanced, but I’m referring to those who have no serious conditions, though the following suggestions may be of help to more complicated cases as well.

Five ways to ‘surf’ the winter blues

1. Stay warm: exercise, have hot showers, sit next to fire if possible.

2. Stimulate the five senses:☉Smell uplifting oils like jasmine, sandalwood, basil, bergamot, rose, neroli, lavender.

☉Observe nature. Visit a place in nature regularly, watch nature slowly renew itself. ☉Let yourself be touched: practice self-massage with warm oil. Hug a friend, animal or human. ☉Listen to a tune that moves you. 432 HZ is supposed to be the frequency to soothe the mind. ☉Eat fresh, seasonal, delicious food. When we are low we are usually attracted to sweet taste. However, sugar is a depressant so choose your carbs wisely. Find recipes on my website.

3. In the old days when we felt sad the shaman would ask you four simple questions: ✧ When was the last time you danced? ✧ When was the last time you sang? ✧ When was the last time you told a story? ✧ When was the last time you sat alone in stillness?

4. Vitamin D: liquid form is better for absorption, and whenever the sun is out stop everything and go outside, or sit near the window to worship the sun. If possible show your belly – it’s where you absorb vitamin D the most.

5. Adaptogens – magical mood boosters! We have a 3 for the price of 2 winter offer now so just drop me an email and we will send you some.