Feminine Economy 

Mar 2, 2022

I was shocked to read a statistic that estimated that between one-third to two-thirds of women now aged 25-55 will be impoverished when they are 70 years old.Financial wellbeing is one of the four pillars of the Purushartha, the Vedic manual for a well-lived life.So let’s start by bringing awareness to our relationship with money.In your journaling and reflection time (svatyaya- self-study), ask questions like:1. What money means for me?2. What were your parents’ attitudes about money?3. What is financial wellbeing for me?4. When you contemplate your relationship with money, explore how does it feel in your body?5. On the full moon, July 24th, you can write all that needed to be released to open yourself to prosperity.Seasonal Sangha is a partnership of women; we are looking for ways to create a sacred feminine economy.One of the themes we will explore at Seasonal Sangha monthly networking events is financial wellbeing and how we can make sure that statistics, like the above, will change dramatically.Seasonal Sangha operates with complete integrity and full transparency with how we treat member’s funds.Fees will be used to provide you with the highest quality seasonal retreats, rituals, herbs, network meetings, and physical gatherings.With 10% of all profits donated to charity.We have many nourishing ideas on how we can spread the nourishment and prosperity we are creating together.For the prosperity of all!