Effective solution to addictions

Mar 2, 2022

We had a huge rise in addictions amid the pandemic.
Addictions can manifest differently in different people, for some it will be substances, for others food, sex, control, power, worrying, even over-exercising. 
Over 100 years, we based our understanding of addiction on the study that put a rat in a cage with water and drugged water, and most of the rats drank the drugged water till they died from an overdose. 
 Then in the 70th Dr. Alexander realised that if anyone would have been in a cage with nothing else, then what’s the point in life, basic!
So he created the Rat Park, where rats had all their needs met friends, sex, food, and places to play, they did not want to drink the drugged water, they chose the normal water!
So the opposite of addiction is having our needs met, and connections a crucial human needs. 

So if you struggle with some addiction, first- forgive yourself, compassion is the ONLY way to heal. 
Then look around you and see if your needs are being met:
Do you have meaningful connections in your life?
When you want to go for something that you feel, will not benefit your wellbeing, be it, say to yourself:
“What am I really hungry for right now? after you realised what is the root need then have whatever you want. One of the main reasons WaterPerry retreats is being created is to provide a Human Park, to provide an online well-being village that will provide us with our basic needs: a safe space to explore our needs, a community that shares similar values, a healthy relationship with food, our emotions and our environment. Bringing meaningfulness to the mandate, deepening our intimacy with nature- through practices like – rituals and routines, based on ayurvedic and yogic lifestyle medicine. Join us !

For 1:1 mentoring please email me at info@rinagolan.co