Dinacharya- daily routine

Jan 4, 2023

For many of us, this is a very challenging uncertain time, but the good news is that nature can provide us with a sense of stability- the sun will always rise and set, and the spring will always come after the dark winter days.

By creating a lifestyle that aligns with those rhythms (darkness and light), you will notice that your endocrine, nervous and hormonal systems are more balanced, and as a result, you will feel that it’s easier to balance your body weight, to discern, to feel more vibrant and emotionally grounded.

Try this lifestyle practice (Dinacharya) for 30 days 
✨Wake up with the sunrise

✨ Take a few deep breathes and welcome yourself

✨While you are still in bed give thanks for three things every day three new things

✨Brush your teeth

✨Scrape your tongue (to remove toxins and bacteria)

✨ Evacuate the first hour of the day (you can train your body-sit till you poop)

✨Practice 15-30 minutes of mindful yoga/meditation (all the meditations, practices and inspiration are stored for you on the youtube channel)

✨Bring curiosity and friendliness to your productive day

✨Go to bed at 10 pm (Try this 5 minutes Night routine for deep sleep)

✨Repeat, because we are what we repeatedly do. 

Do keep me updated I would love to know how you’re doing.