Dharma Love

Mar 2, 2022

The idea of dharma – commonly translated as a life purpose – can feel a bit daunting, a big achievement we need to reach. Actually, it is simple. Before dharma became a list of moral conducts it was depicted as the maiden of dawn. The loving hand of the divine mother takes us from the darkness of separation to the light of interconnectedness. It is explained almost like a frequency, an inner knowing, that connects everything to one ecosystem. Dharma is the earth herself. When we ‘tune in’ to this frequency it is said that we’ll remember our purpose, feel more satisfied and at peace, remember our belonging, and feel at home on Earth. How do we tune in? Achara; routines. Working with the earth rhythms, aligning our lifestyle to lifeways; seasons, lunar cycles, and circadian rhythms. Deepening our relationship with nature, healing the illusion of separation and bringing appreciation to the mundane… and viola: the routines become rituals.