Be the best lover

Aug 6, 2022

I’ve been celebrating 47 turns around the sun dancing, writing, surrounded by beautiful, inspiring, wacky people, incredible food and art in gorgeous Tuscany 🌻
Finally, I can say that I have become my dream lover
and I wish to share a few things I’ve learned on the path.

Warning! strong language; some studies show that people that swear more are more intelligent 😉

⚡️Practice presence daily, have your super greens shakes, breathe deeply and develop zero tolerance to bullshit.

⚡️Hold yourself in high regard despite all the shadow parts you meet in yourself- compassion is necessary for healing and growth.

⚡️God didn’t give you the job to make everyone happy. Chillax.

⚡️Your productivity doesn’t determine your value. Rest is not a luxury, it’s self-preservation.

⚡️ The definition of life in the dictionary is constant change. Allow yourself to keep unbecoming and change as much as you feel like.

⚡️Be kind but have boundaries like a motherf*cker.

⚡️Only invest in autonomous relationships (family, friends, romantic): they do their inner healing, and you do yours. You support each other, but it’s not your role to save them.

⚡️Trust your goodness- you are pure gold, your intentions are good, trust that.

⚡️It’s your imperfect-glorious-mess that makes you a sexy beast.

Stay well