AHARA- food for body and senses

Feb 2, 2023

We are two days away from Imbolc, which symbolises the beginning of spring and the stirrings of new life. Our bodies are now ready to move from hibernation mode to regenerative mode.
This might make you feel more sluggish physically and mentally, so allow the transition to be gentle and gradual: rest, eat slow-cooked food and keep your body warm.

It’s also an excellent time to reflect on the ayurvedic principle Ahara, which you can translate to food, sattvic ideally (pure).
Ahara is also what we feed our senses.
It’s the information we allow in and the ability to discern if it’s something we can ‘digest’ at this particular moment and will it nourishes u, because we are what we eat.
Take time to observe what kind of music you listen to. How does it make you feel?
Notice the feeling in the body when you’re involved in gossip or complaining.
How much social media and news are you willing to let in?
Choose movies and books that uplift you.
Spending time in nature, breathing, smelling and watching beautiful moments are considered good ahara.
And lastly, what kind of ‘new age spirituality’ are you taking in? Toxic positivity- ‘love and light’ the whole time with very little room for our shadow side?
Detachment from physical reality? No sense of humour?
A good indication to know if it’s the right Ahara for you, you’ll feel satisfied and nourished, and your nervous system will be calm and regulated, if you feel depleted, bloated, and uninspired, then it’s not your Ahara.
Exciting updates friends:
We are gathering again to deepen our growth together.
Seasonal Sangha is back in a bit of a different shape, more sustainable.