8 Lifestyle Tips to Stay Well this Autumn

Oct 4, 2023

I hope you are enjoying the sun medicine just before we officially enter the Autumn months. 
Summer is great fun but can be exhausting for our bodies. The business and excitement of it all can deplete us. While the sun is getting weaker, we are invited to slow down and move to a more simple, rejuvenating lifestyle routine. 
Autumn can make us feel more dry in the body and scattered in the mind. 
So it’s wise to use these few weeks of transit called…in Ayurveda to establish a sustainable patterning structure to support us, physically and mentally. 
Here are eight tips to adjust your lifestyle for the autumn months:

1. Ground.
Ayurveda recognises autumn as an air-dominated time, so grounding can help you digest better, the food and life itself. 
Eat warm food with lots of root vegetables, add spices and cook with good quality oils, like sesame, olive and ghee.
Drink warm water throughout the day.
Look at the recipe page on my website. There are lots of delicious meals: kitchari and golden millet soup are wonderful to strengthen the fire of digestion. 

2. Simplify, simplify, simplify. 
Simplifying your life is the mantra of Resayana, the ancient rejuvenation protocol.
If you want to help the body move from survival mode to thriving and regenerative mode- simplify!
Before you take any project or commit to anything, ask: Will it simplify or complicate my life?  Simple. 

3. Earthing.
Walk barefoot in the morning, part of connecting you to the earth’s frequency (if you want to understand the universe, think frequencies, said the great Tesla).
Also, it’s one of the best ways to lower inflammation and, as a result, boost your immunity and improve cognitive health. 

4. Declutter in body.
Autumn is the best time for a good cleanse. 
You can follow a protocol you resonate with or join us for the Autumn Cleanse Retreat, September 22nd-25th (details below). 
You can also work with me one-on-one to support you on the mental or physical detox process if you wish (details below). 

5. Declutter in mind. 
Like the trees that begin to close down their food production and the leaves that are starting to fall, we can use this time to declutter the house and our bodies so we can enter the winter months with a strong immune system and have the mental space to reflect on what you’ve achieved and what didn’t work for us this year.

6. Adjust sleeping and rising patterns- 
It’s not yet hibernation time, but ideally, you want to ease into changes; rest more, start to dim the light a bit earlier in the evenings to regulate the serotonin melatonin release, hence better mode.

7. Massage your body from the feet up to; use warm oil. It’s a great way to soothe the nervous system and move you from overthinking and back in your body. Look at Abhyanga online for a self-massage technique. 

8. Yoga practice can be a bit more heating but try to stay at least five breaths in each pose.
Alternate nostril breathing is very effective in entering the mind.
Let me know how it goes.