4 Ways To Hack Your Nervous System

Oct 6, 2022

We all know that when our nervous system is overwhelmed, we find it hard to concentrate, feel inspired, and sleep well. 

I recently learned that nerves directly interact with immune cells.

Learning ways to regulate your nervous system can boost your immunity, lower inflammation and help you make better decisions. 

Here are 4 ways to hack your nervous system according to the four pillars of rejuvenation (Rasayana)

⦿ Lifestyle 

* Lower your intake of the news; your nervous system can’t take that amount of grief daily.  
* Choose soothing movies; your brain does not differentiate between reality and fiction. 
* Routine! Creating routines aligned with lifeways gives us a sense of safety and stability which are one of the best balms for our nervous system. 
Waking up around 6/7 am and going to bed at 10/11 pm, and eating at a regular time as much as possible can be a great place to start.
* Shaking regularly can be hugely beneficial; here’s why.

⦿ Behaviour


FOMO (fear of missing out) is a mental state where we feel that we are missing out on something fundamentally important that others are experiencing. 
With social media, a platform where people mostly share their curated, filtered life, we can feel that what’s happing in our life is not enough, which is the opposite of the definition of wellbeing in Ayurveda- when we recognise that our life is enough. 

FOMO also brings a range of toxic emotions like jealousy which causes brain damage, literally. Envy turns into misfolded proteins (e.g. mutant or damaged proteins) that trigger cellular stress and induce specific death pathways. 

Move to JOMO (the joy of missing out)
1. First, be compassionate with yourself. At the core of FOMO lies your longing for meaningful connections. Invest in nourishing, true friendships. 
2. Practice gratitude for what you already have. I start my day by writing what I’m grateful for. When we are grateful, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system. 
3. Follow your dharma, this gift you came to share. Being in service calms our neurotic minds, filling us with the fire of purpose and passion. If you are unsure what your dharma is, make a list of all your core values, that’s the map to your authentic expression, your dharma. 

⦿ Food 

Our brain is 60% fat so feed it with good fat like nuts and seeds.
Fish and eggs if you eat animal protein. Lots of leafy greens, broccoli and dark chocolate.

Caffeine can overstimulate the nervous system, so if you are not ready to let it go completely like I am, then add good fat to your coffee to reduce the effect on the nervous system; full-fat milk, tsp of coconut oil, ghee, butter, cream or homemade almond milk (recipe on the blog page).

⦿ Medicine 

Supplements that support the nervous system are

Magnesium, B vitamins, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and Vitamin C.

Try the Re-balance adaptogens mix for women as it’s calming and high in Vitamin C. 

Minerals – such as magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, and zinc.

I love and use the Rejuvenate adaptogens mix daily, and I recommend them to my clients;

A. Because they are highly effective

B. They are not medicinal but tonics, so there’s no risk. 

I source mine from devoted herbalists, and the mix is based on an ancient Rasayana formula.

You can get your Rebalance or Rejuvenate mix HERE If you need help, DM me.