4 Simple Ways to Support your Mental Health

Sep 7, 2022

In July I gave a talk about holistic approaches to mental health to a group of psychiatrists at London’s Chelsea and Westminster hospital, according to the four foundations of rejuvenation.

I feel that it’s relevant now as we emerge out of collective trauma after the pandemic, isolation and a fearful environment.

⦿ Food

Inflammatory food can cause *neuroinflammation, the process whereby the brain’s innate immune system is triggered. This can increase anxiety and depression and, if there are existing tendencies to mental health illness, it will probably worsen the symptoms.

Focus on anti-inflammatory food; lots of greens and most vegetables are okay, depending on your constitution. Take algae to boost your body with minerals and alkalise your body.

My Regenerate-superfood mix is designed especially for that. You can get it here .
The mix is very high in fibre, which can support the health of your microbiome, which is directly connected to depression and low mood.

  • Read Dr Diana Lurie’s research if you want to know more.

⦿ Lifestyle

Routines regulate our nervous system, especially when we align our lifestyle with lifeways.

Waking up with the sunrise, dimming the lights at home after sunset, sleeping in complete darkness, and making seasonal changes can all support our digestive system, which then will regulate our serotonin production.

Read the Dinacharya (ayurvedic daily routines) on the blog page.

⦿ Behaviour

When we are mentally imbalanced, it can be mean we have too much air element in our system – Vata dosha.

Think about how you can bring more of the earth element to your daily life: spend time in nature, walk barefoot, practice yoga or any physical movement that brings your awareness to your body.

Service is a big one!

Dharma is a state in which we are concerned about the wellbeing of others. It is said that madness is ’me-me-me’ and enlightenment is ‘we’!

When you are in your head a lot and thoughts are overwhelming, see if there’s someone that needs support. You will immediately feel better, I promise!

⦿ Medicine
I was asked by the psychiatrists what I think about anti-depressants (and psychedelics – but that’s for another blog). Legally I can’t advise, but I’ve read enough research to know that it’s a complicated route that can save life in some cases.

But I think our health services should look deeper into creating support networks for grief, loss, and the loneliness pandemic that we are in the midst of.

I love and use adaptogens daily, and I recommend them to my clients;

A. Because they are highly effective

B. They are not medicinal but tonics, so there’s no risk.

I source mine from devoted herbalists and the mix is based on an ancient Rasayana formula.
You can get your mix on https://rinagolan.com/shop