“Celebration is my religion, love is my message, silence is my truth” B.S. Rajneesh

Why I know one or two things about wellness…

After a very demanding five-year career as a TV news producer in Tel-Aviv and a hectic social life to boot, I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid and, a few years later, with type 1 diabetes. Suddenly I was faced with a huge and frightening health crisis. It seemed overwhelming at the time and for a while I was at a loss to know what to do. I could never have imagined that my sudden illness would turn out to be such a blessing.

I wanted to understand my illness, and learn how I could cope with it and treat it, so I set off on a pilgrimage of healing…

First I went to India to deepen my understanding of Ayurvedic medicine, yogic conscious living and the age-old laws of the mystics. I was initiated into the ancient art of yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala. The kundalini yoga kriyas that I learnt brought many benefits and strengthened my nervous system. I also learnt that serotonin (the ‘happiness’ hormone which the body uses to regulate the brain) is not actually produced in the brain, but is produced in the gut. Suddenly the crucial connection between diet and mood became crystal clear to me. I had to act upon it.

Previously, I’d heard before of Dr Gabriel Cousens, the nutritionist/therapist working in Arizona, USA, and I decided to do an intensive course with him. During this course I became convinced of the importance of two things: the healing power of raw/whole food, and the spiritual nature of human nutrition.
I started to see that there is perfection in chaos and that life can be joyful and magical even with seemingly intractable diseases.

Since then my work has been to bring together the different elements of my experience and education to help others. To do this, I offer retreats and mentoring, which combine practices for the gut, the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is increasingly clear to me that these different elements should be treated as a whole.

I keep finding examples in ancient wisdom where the medicine woman was also the spiritual leader (the doctor was the priest) and I seek inspiration from these cultures where the health of the body, mental health and spiritual health are intrinsically linked.

My work starts with food but looks at the whole self as a system; what we eat affects our gut, where 70% of our immune system is based and where we produce serotonin. It is easy to see that even on a very simple level, what we eat directly affects how we feel.

Likewise the choices we make affects our future and our environment. Despite sometimes feeling like we live in individual bubbles, our every action, thought, relationship affects us and the world around us.

I look to the ancient traditions, from yoga to shamanism, that created rituals and routines to help maintain balance in body, mind and spirit to allow themselves to tread lightly and gently on the earth whilst connecting deeply with their reality.

These traditions and practices that now inform my life have clearly shown me when we connect with our needs and really take care of our whole selves it brings deep peace, mental clarity and a strong body! I am so grateful for this route that has allowed me a joyful creative life and the opportunity to gently and playfully help others along their journey.

As a TV news producer I was spreading the bad news, now my path is to spread solutions and inspiration for well balanced and joyful life.