The 40 Day Program is a profound physical and mental process based on holistic principles and cutting edge thought, it will guide you towards a durable mindfulness and healthy lifestyle.

Why 40 days?
Yoga Scriptures tell us that it takes 40 days to change a habit. Many societies use 40 days as a period of transformation. There is the 40 day religious period of lent, a 40 day cultural tradition of mourning or caring for a newborn.

An initial 90-minute consultation will establish your personal goals and create a step-by-step, achievable routine that works with your personal circumstances and specific intentions.
The subsequent 40 day support period will consist of 5 further weekly meetings to discuss your progress. This feedback loop reinforces the learning process and liberates your full potential.

The coaching can either be via telephone or Skype.

To book a 15 minute free consultation email me at [sf_email][/sf_email]

We will plan a bespoke dietary regime of raw and cooked whole foods, a yoga practice and some simple mindfulness techniques.

This holistic approach will help to:

  • Reduce stress / aid stress management
  • Regulate your weight
  • Improve your sleep
  • Increase vitality and creativity
  • Enhance clarity of decision making
  • Look and feel younger

“Rina’s lighthearted and playful approach is balanced with a serious dedication…Rina is able to transmit the timeless wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions as well as get you up to date on the latest scientific research helping people achieve a modern and comprehensive understanding of our personal health and collective well being.”


Ben Kappel, Marketing director, Louisiana, USA

“My 40 days wellness coaching with Rina has simply been the most wonderful experience. Rina is a joy to work with, ready to impart her boundless mind body spirit knowledge and dynamic, warm-hearted energy at a series of personalised weekly sessions that are over all too quickly. I have learnt a huge amount both from Rina and from the journey itself and now feel extremely ‘well’, transformed even, full of a fresh vitality that I’m empowered to continue to sustain and develop on my own. Thank you Rina xx”

Lucinda Roberts, Bristol

“I’ve learned endless ways of improving my lifestyle and wellbeing. Nothing that leaves you hungry or feels like an effort to do. I have made so many tiny little healthy changes to my day because of this knowledgeable and wise lady. My Eco hotel now offer Wellbeing options thanks to this process. I am happier And healthier as a result of many privileged days with Rina.”

Chloe Gibbs, Hotel owner, Brazil

“I loved the 40 day program with Rina. I made significant positive steps on the three areas I wanted to focus on and also in other areas of my life.  Rina is very supportive on the weekly calls and kept me inspired. Rina has a wealth of knowledge of tools, treatments, books and DVDs that she recommended. I can continue to use these now that the program has finished. I am so pleased I decided to do the program.”

Jodie Nabb, Oxford